• Leigh

Time to be Environmental and Clean your Bike...

So today I get to talk to you about one of the companies I am a proud Ambassador for and in particular one of their products. Over time I will do a piece about each of their products but today I will focus on just one.

The company in question is Green Oil - now to put it bluntly if you ride a bike and have a

single care about the environment then you really need to be checking out Green Oil and their products. Simon the founder of the company has worked tirelessly to produce products that us bikers use but unlike most other companies he has made them completely environmentally friendly - from 100% bio degradable chain lube and bike cleaner to cleaning brushes made from sustainable wood with plant based bristles!

I won't go into full details here on all their products just now but will advise you all to go to their website - and have a look at their products, watch the videos as they will open your eyes to the levels that Green Oil go to make their products have zero environmental impact and give you some really interesting facts about how the company came about and how they operate.

I said earlier I would focus on one product in today's post and seeing as it's winter time I will start with Bike Cleaner as let's be honest we need it after every ride this time of year.

First things first - it's a bike cleaner so the main question should be does it clean bikes well ?

The answer to that is a resounding yes and in my opinion a lot better than other well known brands! It's safe on carbon fibre and all your bike components and has a lovely smell of orange which leads me nicely into the fact that the orange peel that is part of it's ingredients is actually a by product of the organic orange juice market so something that would normally be a waste product gets a second chance.

The recyclable bottle has 2 spray modes - open spray or pistol mode for hard to get to areas which helps you with targeting the cleaner as opposed to having to blanket spray everywhere so less waste adding to it lasting longer.

The cleaner itself is 100% biodegradable as it’s made up of 100% natural ingredients - no chemical stuff - an interesting fact here is that to label something as biodegradable it only has to have 60% of it's ingredients to be in fact biodegradable and the other 40% can be anything which is quite shocking as probably like me you saw the label and were blissfully unaware of the fact that your so called biodegradable product was far from it! Green Oil's bike cleaner is 100% biodegradable - 100%

When the cleaner is shipped Green Oil send it in a concentrated format. As most bike cleaners are primarily water based they saw no sense in shipping the water with it as we all already have water at home - that way they saved weight which in turn saves emissions which can only be a good thing. In it's concentrated format the cleaner is 300ml, fully made up with water its a full litre so as you can see that is quite a weight saving. Try it for yourself, fill your backpack reservoir up with 300ml of water and do a hill climb, now do it with a litre and feel the weight difference.

Now as an aside to that - if you want want to help reduce the emissions further ask your local bike shop to stock it along with other Green Oil products. Less emissions and just as important you're also helping local business as we all appreciate how valuable a good local bike shop is.

When you get your bottle of bike cleaner you may notice something funny about the lid - as you can see from this pic of the latest bottle I have that is not the Green Oil logo you see there - no prizes for guessing who's it is though ! The story behind this is when the bike cleaner was originally shipped it had the spray nozzle in place which resulted in some customers experiencing leaks in transit so some form of alternative was needed. Not wanting to inflict the planet with more plastic Green Oil looked to upcycle old drink bottle lids and utilise these - another great idea which resulted in all these lids no longer being sent to landfill sites. Check out the story on Green Oil's website where Simon collected 200+ bottle lids from the Notting Hill Carnival to determine which ones fitted - it is things like this that set Green Oil apart from others when it comes to their Ethos and Green Credentials - they truly practice what they preach.

So you've run out of Bike Cleaner, do you have to buy yet another bike cleaner? Nope you can refill it using Green Oil's Degreaser Jelly - empty one of those into the original Bike Cleaner bottle, top it up with water and you're good to go. Once again saving on weight costs - the degreaser is only 100ml - so emissions are low as not so much weight needed to be shipped and the degreaser bottle you end up with which is recyclable of course, in fact it has ALREADY been made from recycled materials so no extra plastic created in it's making - like I said earlier Green Oil practice what they preach.

I will be doing a piece about the Degreaser Jelly at a later date so keep an eye out for it.

So to summarise Green Oil's Bike Cleaner....



100% Biodegradable

100% Natural Ingredients

Reduces emissions and carbon footprint

Easy to refill

Upcycled Lid

Smells lovely

Oh and it’s bloody good at cleaning your bike - Just check out the reviews on their website.