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It's Christmas Day and I just want to be out on my bike.....

So it's coming up to 4pm on Christmas Day, the family is in the other room watching TV and I am in the kitchen with Hugo the dog writing a blog lol ! Not sure what that says about me ?

I took the dogs out for their walk this morning and the weather was cracking, warm(ish) and sunny - perfect biking weather was the first thing I thought and continued to think as I walked the dogs. Once I got home and got a coffee I had a quick look at the weather and saw it's gonna rain for the next two days - just great ! My mood wasn't helped when looking at Social Media all I was confronted with was pictures from friends who were out on their bikes ! I just want to go out on my bike......

It's times like this when I realise how important biking is to me and how much of my life it fulfils/controls/takes over - it's funny that if I told my non biking friends I would rather be out riding my bike on Christmas Day than indulging in the usual more acceptable behaviour of binge eating and drinking and watching crap on TV they would recoil in horror and just call me a Humbug or most likely a miserable old sod lol ! I bet though those who are reading this who are bikers are most likely nodding in agreement with me and also wishing they too were perhaps now just returning home from an epic ride out (or if not maybe I am just a miserable old sod ?)

To try and assist with this desire to ride I have tried to do bike related things, I have fitted cleats to my new FLR MTB winter shoes - a lovely Christmas pressie from the Wife.....

This of course has only now heightened my desire to go ride my bike, I am now writing this blog post which of course is about biking - I really am not doing myself any favours here am I?

Now as I was talking about how biking takes over your life I just want to point out that I'm very fortunate to have a very supportive Wife when it comes to my biking (that's her in the pic) - this is mainly due to the fact she too is as addicted to it as I am. Just looking at our Christmas pressies to each other - they're all bike related and now as I sit here and write (well type) this and I think more we really do have an addiction when it comes to the bikes.....

Our house is a lovely house, we had quite a lot of work done to it a few years back with loft converted and extension work done - that was I don't know about 5 years ago ? I am sure my Wife will correct me when she reads this but the point I am making is it's been a number of years since the work has been done - we STILL have not put new carpets in the bedroom, lounge and a few other rooms, other parts of the house remain undecorated etc. mainly due to costs - and there is the issue, in that time we have bought/upgraded around 6 or 7 different bikes, bought countless amounts of biking gear, spent money on race entries and days out biking and generally been bikers yet we have not bought things like carpets lol !! Once again non biking friends would shake their heads in disbelief but with bikers well I suspect a knowing nod would be the order of the day.

But it does not just stop there, Holidays...... Next year I have 4 blocks of holiday booked in....

Block 1 is 2 weeks in Wales just down the road from Coed y Brenin where we will spend most of that time biking.

Block 2 - strangely seems to align with Mountain Mayhem - the 24hr Endurance Event

Block 3 - strangely again this coincides with the Torq in your Sleep Endurance Race

Block 4 - Christmas - I think from reading this blog post you know that will include bikes.....

The odd days holiday I will have left I assure you will align to some biking event - usually a Monday off so I can recover !

Clothes, my everyday clothes and work clothes are purchased quickly and cheaply (stress on the cheaply), they barely take up a quarter of the wardrobe - biking clothes on the other matter out number 'normal' clothes by far and take up the rest of the space. I would shiver at the thought of spending money on a shirt for work but have no qualms with spending considerable sums on bike gear.

When 'normal' people say 'I spent x amount of £'s on something' the first thing my brain does it calculate that in bike bits and think you could have bought a new lid for that or perhaps some new cranks..... Anyone else do that or is that just me ?

I drive a van.... is it because my job needs load carrying capacity - no, is it because it's a company vehicle - no.... it's so I can carry bikes and all the bike stuff I need when I go out and ride with the Mrs.

Monday morning conversations reinforce all the above.... 'What did you do at the weekend then ?' is the usual question from colleagues on a Monday morning isn't it - with me it is always followed with 'Out on the bike I suspect' and yes they are always correct. We do of course like 'normal' people go out to events, it's just that most of ours are normally bike races or bike related !

Though in our defence we do try to get to quite a few live gigs - see we do like other things other than bikes !

So there you have it.... My name is Leigh and I am a bikeaholic

I really do hope there is no cure as I kinda like it.......

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