• Leigh

Introduction time....

So where do I begin? My initial Blog post, it needs to be good, it needs to grab people’s attention… what if no one reads it? What if no one subscribes? What if no one cares…..

The pressure of a blog is already here and I am only 3 lines in!

Oh well, thankfully I’m not bothered lol – weirdly I think I may find writing this blog quite therapeutic and if nothing else it will act as a reminder to me of what I did when I am too old to actually remember clearly.

Er what now? I suppose a welcome would be a good start, so welcome to my little piece of the internet where I intend to blog about my mountain biking, racing and anything else that I feel the need to share with you.

I guess the next thing I need to answer is why am I doing a blog? Well the honest answer is I’m not entirely sure…. Personally, I enjoy reading people’s blogs, in a World of in your face Social Media where you’re constantly submitted to small (often pointless) snippets of people’s lives it’s refreshing to read something of length where someone has taken some time to compose it. I also intend to focus a lot more on my mountain biking and racing this coming year so thought it would be good to document that too.

As we’re on the topic of my racing, I will give you some insight into the training and preparation for the events I do which are mainly endurance races, I will give you some info into the races and events themselves and I also want to do some blogs about my team Sherwood Pines Cycles and let people know more about how a bike team operate – there is also a lot of history with the team and I would love to share that with you all. There will be shout outs to fellow team members and racers – people you should be watching and following and general ‘stuff’ about grass roots racing.

I’ve also have been lucky enough to secure some support from companies (opportunities still available lol) in relation to my biking and racing and I intend to share that with you too. Unlike some people and I am sure you know people like this, I have not just agreed to promote just anything for some freebies – the brands I promote are brands I already use, they produce products that I believe in and often have an ethos very much aligned to my own. Over time I will go through these products on my blog with you and explain why I use them and the reasons why I chose them and where possible give you an insight into the companies themselves.

I suppose the other thing I will be boring you all with is me, my family, my main partner in crime who is more commonly known as my Wife who also races and has a blog that you should follow, my dogs (they don’t race or write blogs), my life, my job, my loves and hates and any other nonsense I deem fit to share with you.

So that is more or less the ‘why’ of it all – hopefully I won’t bore you too much as time goes by and if there is anything you would like me to tell you about just shout up – you can subscribe if you want to be informed of new posts via the link at the bottom of this page, and you can even share it to various Social Media platforms with the links below.

Many thanks for reading, I will sign off now and let you get back to your lives, catch you on the next one.

Phew, intro Blog post completed… now where’s that wine?